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Originally Posted by SusanB View Post
What if that symptom (overeating) was combined with sluggish genetics and a food centered cultural upbringing.
I'm with SusanB on this one. I was thinking along the same lines. What if obesity is the result of a confluence of factors including genetics, stress and upbringing? Most of the people in my immediate and extended family are obese, so I know I've potentially got the genes. I know for a fact I eat more when under stress. Like probably most people in America I learned as a child to treat food as a reward or comfort. If I don't take great care to eat extra low-caloric density foods at times of stress and step up my exercise, I'd be in trouble.

So what's the difference? If unchecked, would I eat twice as much as naturally thin person during stress? Or is my metabolism in the basement? Ok. So naturally thin folks also stress-eat. But do they consume the same amount of calories when under stress? Looking back at some of the binging I used to do, I have to wonder. I'm ashamed to admit I'm not this far along in the book at this time so I don't know if it expands on this point. I'm trying to catch up!
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