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The Low-Carb Bible by Elizabeth M. Ward is great for comparing several low carb plans. If compares and/or gives overviews of Atkins, carbohydrate addicts, neanderthin, protein power, schwarzbein principle, south beach,
sugar busters, Suzanne Somers, and the zone.

You might consider trying oatmeal for breakfast as an experiment. I found that I can eat wheat berries or oatmeal (if it's not the overly sweetened instant packets) for breakfast, and it has enough fiber to keep me full for at least a couple hours without bringing on cravings. I did find a unsweetend instant oatmeal (in a box, in the health food section of the grocery), and that isn't as bad as the packets, but isn't as filling as the old fashioned round box. The problem with wheat berries is that they take over an hour, sometimes almost 2 to cook. So, if I make them, I make them in the evening and make enough for several meals and refrigerate. (You cook them like rice, but use a little extra water. You can actually boil them with a lot of extra water and just drain them, like pasta. They're chewy and nutty, and really good.)
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