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Thanks, everybody, for all the great help!

I really appreciate the suggestions for possible target levels of carbs,
suggested choices of carbs, and names of other reduced carb diets
to look into.

I'm going to try a bit more with limiting carbs to bedtime, but with
more care towards choosing the best kinds of carbs.

Robin, my low-carb insomnia was after zero caffeine and plenty of
exercise during the afternoon, so I'm with you on that. I guess it's
just something our bodies do when we're in ketosis.

I'm still getting some after effects from my evening carbs the next day,
not just during my sleep, but it's not so bad if the carbs are "good,"
so I think I'll just live with it for another week.
Meanwhile I can read up on some of the reduced-carb diets and
use this week to decide what feels best.

I can't imagine staying low-carb for breakfast for the rest of my life,
but I also can't imagine being able to maintain my weight if I eat
my regular cheerios and start the carb cycle devouring me every day.
Lots to think about for long-term maintenance, but for now I just
need to take it one day at a time.

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