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I'm kind of in the same place you are. I've found that I usually have good hunger control with a moderate amount of carbs, if those carbs come from (in order of proportions) veggies, fruits, whole grains and a very small amount of nuts. I modeled this after South Beach, and count actual carbs, aiming for the lower end of a range between 100 - 150 g.

If I eat nonwhole grain starchy foods, or even too large a portion of whole grain carbs, I still have portion control and hunger problems. Also, even when I do great 3 weeks out of the month, I am still having severe problems with carbs during the week around my period (3 or 4 days before and 3 - 4 days in). I have humongous cravings for carbs and red meat, and have problems with portion control in general. For the next two months, I'm trying an adjustment to my birth control and try going lower carb during the RedZone week. If that doesn't go well, the doctor who recommended the bc change, suggested I consider a meal replacement program for just that week (that's not really related to your question, just got off on a tangent).

Another tip I've found in picking whole grains, is choosing grains with higher water and fiber content (steamed wheat berries over whole wheat bread for example).
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