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It worked for me, but MRC is like any weight loss program - it works better for some than for others.
It's essentially a low-fat, low-glycemic, low-calorie eating plan. I knew a few people who'd done it, with varying degrees of success. I signed up because I know I need a low-glycemic plan, and I needed accountability & structure.
Once you've signed up, the only supplements they "require" are their high-protein drinks. They aren't cheap. But for me, the $$ I paid is a big part of my long-term accountability - I didn't pay just to end up re-gaining the weight (which I've done in the past). This time the loss needs to be permanent.
I lost my weight within my "given" time, and I've been on maintenance for 6 months now. And while I haven't exactly been the model of perfection following their maintenance program, I've actually done pretty well. Right now I'm actually trying to get below my original goal weight since I tend to always bounce up & down a few lbs.
And by the way, you eat bread, potatoes & other starches on the program from day 10 on.
If you think a weight loss program is too restrictive, stop and consider how restrictive it is to be overweight.

MRC Repeat offender First time - 2006 Lost 33 lbs - 170 to 137.


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