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Default jealous...

susanje - I have to admit to feeling rather envious that you have an elliptical trainer at home! - I would LOVE one of those - its my favourite even though it nearly kills me every time I get on it!
Also love the powerblocks - although I quite like going to the gym for my weights workout - just wish I could do that cardio at home - it would be sooooooooo much easier!

Oxycise - yes I really like it in that it actually works even though you feel like a dork because it seems so ridiculous that heavy breathing for 15 mintues could actually do anything. (I lost 3 inches off each thigh in one month).
The reason I stopped was because I got a bit bored with it (I'm one of those that loves to work hard and break a sweat) and also I just sometimes couldn't talk myself into believing that it worked because it is SOOO easy. But now that I have other exercise to keep me entertained Oxycise will be a great addition. Kind of like your yoga/pilates.

catch up with you all tomorrow - its about 10pm and I have to go and organise my husbands breakfast (he starts work at 4am) hmmm.... what to have.... yet another omelet?

Some are destined to succeed, most succeed through determination.

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