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Talking all better now

Short and sweet - that's how I like my illnesses.

Last b'day party is over. It's customary here to have the party right on the the real birthday rather than waiting for a convenient day like Saturday, so yesterday was it. Ds insisted on only inviting two boys and one girl (he's antisocial like me) and of course one boy couldn't come at the last minute so we only had two guests which was fiiiiiiine with me! Instead of burping for the first half and hour like ds9s friends did, they only *talked* about people they knew who could burp on command AND they showed absolutely no interest in being wrapped in toilet paper. 6 yr olds are so civilized.

Ellis Island - wow, I didn't know all that. My dad came over on a boat with his brother. My mother came via Italy and Arizona but she's not Italian.

Peaches, we *must* do something about you being still unengaged (or is it disengaged??). Did you drop any hints?

Today I will exercise - I swear. And I will also start decluttering this dump. I can't stand it any more. I've been ignoring FlyLady and it shows. She should print more of those testy-monials. I love those.

I'm readingThe Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan. I just love her books.
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