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Losing it...again!
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Gayle ~ Thanks for the update on Dee! I'm glad to hear that she is fine...I'm not sure I would be fine without my computer though! Hopefully they will get it fixed soon!

I'm glad you are starting to feel better...try not to over do it today!

I haven't heard of the ******* diet, but it sounds like something I might benefit from too. Would you mind sending me the links as well? I lost the 2 pounds, but now I'm at a stand still again.

Sherry ~ You are doing awesome! Keep doing what you're's working! How was your BP?

Ali ~ Stay away from the cheesecakes! It was about the 10 pound to go mark where I started having diet problems. I got too confident and let bad habits slowly creep back in and before I knew it I had gained 10 pounds instead of losing 10 pounds.

I'm cutting grass today, so lots of exercise and water drinking going on for me! Have a good day everyone!
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