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Gayle, Get well soon! I sent you a message on the forum's
PM system with my email address.

I'm feeling really great, much better than before! I was
re-reading the South Beach Diet book and I had forgotten some
of the advice about breaking a "carbohydrate addiction".
(reactive hypoglycemia)
I definitely have a carbohydrate addiction. If I eat carbs,
I desperately need more of them after 45 or 60 minutes, and
then I need them desperately again after that, and in the end I
have tons of calories and I still feel deprived and hungry
all the time. It's horrible.
On my "low-everything diet", I still felt like I was going
through some version of that process, which I didn't understand,
because it was low-carb. Well, the problem was that I was
guzzling large amounts of skim milk! Even though skim milk
is a relatively good carb, having a pint at breakfast is
enough to trigger swings in my blood sugar, and then the
whole imbalance gets started fresh each day.
I'm removing ALL carbs from my diet for a week or hopefully for
two, including milk and carrots and tomatoes. The advice from
South Beach (which I'm going to try) is to cut all carbs
ruthlessly for just 2 weeks to give your body a chance
to re-set itself. Afterwards they recommend having good carbs
(like milk and whole grain and fruit) in moderation, except
not so much for breakfast.
Well, all I can tell you is that I feel a LOT better today
than I have any day for the last week. WOW! I can't
believe the milk was triggering blood sugar swings, but
after feeling what it's like to have a chicken breast
and veggies for breakfast, I'm convinced. I'm not saying
it was pleasant to sit down to chicken and veggies for a
breakfast, but I feel so good now that I'll gladly try it
tomorrow. I don't suppose I'll keep feeling so good forever,
so this plan might not last 14 days, but I'll take what I
can get and I'll switch when I need to.

Determined and happier,
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