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It's great to have an active discussion going again!

Janice, Congratulations on your loss!

Cheryl, I'll remind you of your excitement later, count
on it. But some people have such easy joyful pregnancies that
they only need encouragement during delivery.

Allison, Good luck with your plan. It sounds like you have
lots of healthy ideas to draw on.

Sherry, Congratulations! 30 lbs is really impressive.
You must feel so proud!

This morning my scale said 147.6 and my tape measure said that my
hips are now less than 40 inches. YAY! Halfway to goal.

To explain more about what was going on before ---
My previous plan was to eat a low-carb low-fat high-fiber meal
every 3 hours. Skim milk and vegetables. Chicken breast and vegetables.
You get the idea. I call it the "low-everything" diet, because it's
pretty restrictive, but I was reliably losing 2 lbs per week!!
When I had so much as 100 calories of a carbohydrate, I
got really hungry for a few days, no matter how much low-carb
I ate. Eating another 100 calories of carbs would calm the hunger
, but then after 45 or 60 minutes, I'm back at square one again.
The only solution I found (so far) is to eat a high-FAT diet for
a couple of days during the "withdrawal." Then when I'm free
of the carb influence, I can cut out the fat and resume my
"low-everything" diet.

Anyway, I'm really really happy to be at a thinner and healthier size.
I'm only halfway to my goal, so I need to keep losing somehow,
but I can't continue the "low-everthing" diet because it leaves my
brain too fuzzy and my memory seems to be really bad. For a few months
I've been blaming it on sleep deprivation or laziness or age, but
I think if I want to catch up at work, I'll need to change my diet.
One of the reasons I put on weight was because eating sugar while
on the job made my work a lot easier, so that's an ongoing issue
for me.

I'm going to try adding more non-carb calories, and if that doesn't
improve my brain, I'll have to overhaul my plan totally and eat
carbs again. For now, I'll add some cheese and meat. I should
be able to continue losing at a slower rate -- with exercise maybe
1 lb per week. I really hope I can get more done at work now.

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