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Originally Posted by jordan View Post
Not only will "real" food undoubtedly be better for you, but won't it be much healthier (physically and mentally) for your kids, particularly your 12 year old daughter, to see you eating healthy foods rather than diet shakes?
Absolutely! This has been going through my mind too over the last couple of weeks. I sat my kids down just a few days ago and explained to them both why we all needed to eat healthier. We talked a bit about how you need a certain amount of calories a day and how your body burned them for energy and how regular exercise helped and how the metabolism works. Hopefully, now that we can all eat together again and I dont have to fix a different meal for me than for them, I can start cooking healthier for all of us! Its not too late to teach my kids good eating habits. I dont want them going through what i've been through with an up and down weight for years and years!

Best of luck to you, congratulations on making the move to healthier eating!
Thanks for your concern for me and my family, Jordan. I appreciate it.
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