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Hey there Valley,
You asked the question "can people really lose weight on a low calorie diet" I would like to point out that on nearly every single diet programme, no matter how much they sugar it... counting points... drinking milkshakes... eating certain foods is all about low calories and exercise. I hate to say it but I know it's true. Losing weight is all about "calories in Vs. Calories out" if you're doing lets say "slim fast" they're calorie controlled milkshakes, meals, chocolate bars. You're only allowed to have one snack one meal and one milkshake... all because they add up to 1200 (for example). If you're doing something like Weight Watchers although they use points... its all about calorie counting - they even have booster points where you do exercise and then a few of your points are taken away (if you get what I mean) whats that about? Exercising for 2 points worth (1 point = approx 50 calories) then you have burnt 100 calories which means you can eat them if you want. I'm not sure if I've made myself clear enough... my point is, that nearly every single diet plan or diet you will go on is all about calories because that is what sustains our bodies and what causes us to put on weight if we don't burn them/use them. It's all the same thing regardless of what plan you go on.

The only difference is of course is how "easy" you want it. With things like replacement meals (milkshakes) you know exactly how many calories you're getting... no addition needed - you drink 5 milkshakes and you're done. With WW you add together your points by looking at a book that lists it all and there you go. If you're calorie counting, I find it to be... well... you need patience and perseverence BUT BUT BUT it's for me - the most fulfilling and I feel in absolute CONTROL and that is exactly what I needed. I do WW... but I'm drifting and more loyal to calorie counting. I eat approx 1200 calories a day but can eat up to 1600 to still lose weight weekly.... I just play it by ear.

Good luck in your weight loss journey and I hope that everything goes WELL... choose what is right for you and your body!!! I hope everything everybody has told you has been educational and like I just said you do what is right for you!!! to you... and good luck again!!!
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