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First off.
welcome to the calorie counters.
This is a very diversified group here. Some eat 1200 day. some eat 1800 or more.

It depends on your plan.
I do want to say that most women here will tell you that the range of 800-900, seems like its pretty low.
In fact to most, it sounds unhealthy.

I also think one should listen to there body.

If you are tired,your hair is falling out, etc.
It sounds very unhealthy.

Personally I think that the support people are going to tell you its ok.

My question is.
Do you? think its healthy?

Is it healthy to loose your hair, feel constipated, feel tired?

I eat much more than that. I have been slowly loosing weight. and I feel GOOD.

I have more energy, etc.

I do eat often as you. With lots of natural fiber, Fruits, veggies, etc. and healthy protein.
And I drink tons of water.

My calories falls at an average of 14-1500 a day.

Most of us eat good healthy foods. Yes, it cost money.
But… I know I am not eating $300 worth of food.

If you are eating healthy when you quit your plan, ( in a healthy amount) and moving your butt. I don’t see how you could gain weight.

just want to wish you good luck in your decision. You should do more research with reputable websites. Get facts.

Any way I am new here too. just 3 months.
counting calories for this time has helped me to loose 20 pounds.

Start date: March 1 st. 2007 184 lbs

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