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I have been counting calories since January and have lost 54 pounds to date. At first I would still eat a few "bad" things as long as I didn't go over my calorie intake for the day. The further along I have gotten that has changed a lot. I eat mostly lean meats, veggies,fruit and grains and I have cut out a lot of the diet foods{low fat cookies, chips,etc}. I keep track of everything I eat in a journal which I started keeping from day one. A lot of people hear use the Fit Day website to track their calories for the day etc. I do keep on eye on my fat and so forth for the day but don't really calculate the amount. The only thing I count is the calories. If I tried to keep track of everything else I think I would go crazy. There are people on here that do that though so maybe someone else will chime in on thta aspect. I do take a multivitamin everyday just to be sure. I just take the Wal-Mart brand women's one a day. I do try to make sure I get enough fiber, I usually eat cream of wheat or shredded wheat for breakfast{which I've come to crave!!} I think the 800-900 calories that your plan has to consuming is low and does explain why you feel drained. I keep my calories at 1250 a day and sometimes 1300. Some wouls say that is still kinda low but it works for me and I feel great. I exercise{cardio} everyday for 30 min. and usually follow up with crunches and some weights. This is just my plan, everyone is different and you need to find what works best for you. Good luck and give calorie counting a try.
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