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Default Can you really lose on a low cal diet?

Hi all. I've been trying to lose weight for 2 years now. (edit...i'm talking about serious attempts and not just a casual try here and there) I've lost a good portion on Weight Watchers but after awhile, developed poor eating habits and used up all of my points on junk food...then wondered why the weight wasnt coming off.

I have been on Medifast for 5 weeks and have lost 11 pounds...but i'm constantly exhausted, am constantly constipated and my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. My calorie intake is between 800-900 calories a day, Carbs 75-90 a day, fat is 15-20 grams a day and protein is around 100 grams a day. I'm pretty sure all of my unpleasant symptoms are due to the program but Nutrition Support assures me that the plan is very healthy and gives you all that you need, nutrition-wise. I love Medifast because it takes away the counting of calories, fat and carbs and it is bringing my weight down (a lot slower than the promised 3-5 pounds a week though!) But i'm so discouraged at the way i'm feeling, I think i'd be better off trying something else (Medifast also costs $275 a month...I know I can lose on another program thats free)

What i'm scared of is all of the counting....I used the formula of daily caloric needs to see how many calories i'd need to lose a half pound or pound a week. (2227-500 or 1000= 1727 or 1227). That would be a big step up from 800 calories and would probably give me some of my energy back. But I have no idea how to get in all of the nutrition I many veggies a day can I have? How many fruits? How many grains? How much protein...etc..and is it possible to get it all in and stay at 1227 calories? I like eating every 3 hours and will try to stick with that schedule...i'm just a little nervous about switching over.

Can you really lose weight this way? Is it a lot of work to count everything AND get all of your nutrition in or would a multivitamin take away that worry? If so, which one?

Lastly...i'm terribly nervous about stopping Medifast. Everyone says that if you dont take the 8 weeks to transition will gain your weight back. But thats another $300+ for the food to do the transition. If I switch and suddenly go back up 11 pounds, i'll get so discouraged and worry that I will have a good binge out of self-pity! I am so determined to lose the last of this weight and to get healthy again, though.

Any thoughts of advice would be appreciated.

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