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BB, on Sunday I worked outside for 5 hrs. digging up all my potatoes and hoeing the ground, weeding it and planting pumpkins which took me 3 hrs. Even though I was already sore, after a short break, I went back out and manually trimmed trees (using a ladder) and big hedge clippers for 2 more hrs.. I just totally overdid it. But, I am better now. DH gave me a great back rub with lotion and that helped plus lots of ibuprofen. I guess all the ladder climbing hurt me too because my Butt hurt. LOL.

Tonite I made fresh steamed peas for the first time. They were sweet and delicious. I had never tried them before but DH used to eat them and loves them. I look forward now to picking even more to eat. I also had some fresh tomatoes and potatoes tonite from the garden. I just love growing our own food. So much tastier than store bought and really cheap (except for all the sweat I've put in the garden, LOL). I cooked extra lean hamburger steaks with our dinner. DH said "that was the best meal I've had in a long time". He always brags on my cooking, but this man could eat anything fresh grown, anytime.

I came in at 1450 calories today per Fitday and worked 1.5 hrs. in garden and walked a mile on treadmill. So, I feel like I'm back on the right track again.

BB, I hope your DH is feeling better soon. That sure sounds scary.

My son has what looks like a spider bite on his tummy. It is red, swollen , tender and has a white circle in the middle of it. He knows he was bitten but didn't see the offender. He is feeling lousy in general. His skin looks almost sun-burned all over and his hands and feet have rash and are itching. I gave him 2 benadryl. I plan to take him to the Dr. in the AM. (We're trying to avoid the ER if possible since he just changed jobs and doesn't have his new insurance in effect yet). He's not throwing up and not having any breathing problems so hopefully we can wait til the AM.

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