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Originally Posted by SoulBliss View Post
Your daughter is so beautiful! I loved the pictures. Some of them are so sweet, like the one where she is on the stairs and looking back!
Thanks, I love that one too.

Originally Posted by Clydegirl View Post
Lovely your daughter looked beautiful.

She always does! She has a permanent REAL smile!

You tidy up nice too.
Like it or not Angie makes me clean up once a month!

Originally Posted by techwife View Post
Very nice, Gary. I especially liked the one with her hair teased!! I've done that to lots of people!!

I am SURE you have! What was your professional opinion on Amanda's hair? Now remember her aunt Angie's sister did it at 6am
Thanks for sharing!!
Originally Posted by royalsfan1 View Post
Great pictures. My favorite two are the one where you're dancing with Amanda and the one where she is looking at his ring in front of the tree.

I love those too!

She looks gorgeous! All brides should look so lovely and happy on their wedding days!
They should!

Originally Posted by jtammy View Post
What a gorgeous couple! Tell Angie her dress is beautiful (and so is she of course). It looks like it was a wonderful day.
Angie's dress was awesome! And boy did the Wonder Bra work!!

Originally Posted by HeatherAngel View Post
Congratulations again, Dad - these are the memories for a lifetime

Thanks Heather.

Originally Posted by jules1216 View Post
So beautiful!!

Originally Posted by alinnell View Post
Very, very nice. My favorite is Amanda looking out the rear window of the truck.
Mine too! It is my background page now.

Originally Posted by Michelle View Post
Gary ~~ You and Angie make such a nice looking couple and Angie's dress is beautiful and so is she! Your daughter is also gorgeous!
Thanks Michelle.

Originally Posted by Lovestorun View Post
Thats my favorite too!!! Thanks Gary for sharing! Your Family is
Beautiful!! Congrats!!!!
Thank-you ~ I hope I am not over-doing my JOY! on you all!

For some reason a few of the pictures did not post...Angie is going to check into it tonight. I really wanted you to see my son in his PINK outfit...he gives the girlsa a run for their money

You have all been so kind!
As long as I live I will TESTIFY HIS LOVE!
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