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Hey ladies, thanks for the replies. I can't believe how addicting the game can be. It's funny because my husband and I have tried golf in the past and it just didn't have the same appeal to me--maybe because it's hard? Not that bowling is easy but it's much more fun. And as someone told me, at least the ball comes back to you

Nita, have fun at your luncheon and good luck on your game. I see a lot of seniors here also, and they are the ones I love to watch because most of them are spot on. Alot of the younger crowd just like to whale the ball as hard as they can without much accuracy, plus they loft the ball so much it damages the lane.

Michelle, how awesome that you have bowled with some high caliber bowlers--and congratulations on your weight loss! You've made great progress. It didn't occur to me that weight training could make so much of a difference in the ball weight. It's something I can be working on. For now I have to let my fingers rest up a bit.

Have a great day everyone.
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