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Thanks for all your good vibes for my test results. The waiting is always the worst part.

I just planted some nasturtium seeds. I had forgotten how pretty they are and easy to grow. I have a hard time walking past the garden section at Freddies! I'm looking for a wrought iron arbor for a climbing rose I want to train over a path. You see them in lots of gardens, but they aren't that easy to find.

The weather has warmed up again so I can put away my winter woolies - again!

I've been pretty good with my calories today so far but I didn't go to Curves. Maybe I'll go tomorrow instead. My back is still acting up from my last bout of gardening. I guess almost all of us have bad backs on this thread! I can sympathize with you all - it doesn't slow us down much though, does it?

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.
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