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Nikki, I use full power conditioner before I swim. Humectress. That's just till it's gone, then I'll get something like pantene or something cheap that really still coats the hair. In other words, the spray/leave in type might not be strong enough. If you have light hair, going overboard protecting it is not a bad idea (said she 10 days late...). Good luck on the tweaks. Sometimes you just have to let your body be and get used to the lower weight before it will lose more.

Penny, I laughed at your comment. DH loves long hair. So I know he'll be careful and not take much. His love of long hair is an insurance policy. He'd hate it if he screwed up and I had to have it cut off. But the hedge comment was too funny. The garden/lunch sounds fabulous. Peaceful and pretty.

Carol, I'm glad your back is feeling better. I HATE when mine is sore. You feel fine otherwise so you want to be doing things but you can't. Somehow I missed you post about bubblegum and moles. Boy do I have a good image though.

Judy, I loved the Macy's in Seattle. Perhaps buying a cheap suitcase would be cheaper than shipping. when I was at Macy's it was anything but a bargain. I wish I could do all my shopping there. My purse is from there. Only place that had something I like. I'm picky about a purse - I had my last one 6 years - and this one looks just like it except a tab bigger so that the new, gargantuan Jeep key fits in - it didn't in the older one. I hope your trip home is safe and peaceful.

We're going to DS's place tonight. I just love the DGS and miss him. DH and DGS's mom and I are going to figure out when we're going to go to Mt. Hood skiing. Probably towards the end of June. Oooo, that's going to be fun.

I don't want to work (where I am now), but I suppose I should.

I could surf more on a BlackBerry. Judy, I talked to DH last night and I told him the difference between the Pearl and the 8700 and he agreed the 8700 was a better idea even though it's a bit more. I think he thinks I'm nuts for trading in my pretty pink razr.
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