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Talking Fashionably late - OT

It's very difficult to deal with people who think it's "cool" to always be late. I think they're really insecure and/or egotistical to make a roomful of people wait for their entrance. Or just totally disorganized and with no sense of how long things take - my DH. He used to drive me nuts when we were dating. I sat in more bars and had more men hit on me while waiting for that man!

My family had the opposite problem whenever we had to go somewhere and my dad was driving. He was always ready an hour early and would bug us and bus us until we left waaaayy too early. After the 3rd time my cousin answered the door in his underwear or wet from the shower and clad in a towel my mom and I decided to do something.

We ended up sitting around in our underwear until we heard my dad gunning the car engine. Then it took us 10 minutes to be out the door and we were still early but not grossly so.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I'm off to feed a cat and then paddling. Am OP so far this week and will NOT have fries and gravy tonite at the fireworks no matter how much DH waves his in front of my face!

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