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Good morning everyone!! I'm back from Vegas. What a relief to get back. I am totally not into crowds and it is just amazing the number of people who flock there. I did okay with eating and my scale is the same as when I left, so that is good.

Mini-rant: If the invitation for the wedding states 6:00 PM, then the wedding should start at 6:00 PM (or very close to that time). Etiquette suggests you be there a couple minutes early for seating--right? So DH and I arrive at 5:40 (we knew traffic would be horrible in Vegas and we were a tad earlier than we meant). We find the place, walk in and it's VACANT. The wedding planner says to us, oh, that wedding is at 7:30. 7:30?!?!? What the? So we head across the parking lot to a smoky old pub/casino to kill some time. Turns out the person who made the invitations put 6:00 PM on purpose because some of the people who were invited are flaky and wouldn't be on time if the invitation said 7:30 (or even 7:00). I mean, how RUDE!!! And the worst part of it is that our friends KNEW that the invitations were made like this and didn't have the decency to tell us. Anyway, it was a nice wedding.

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