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Originally Posted by charolastra00 View Post
Also I'm legitimately curious as to what my face looks like without the baby cheeks, double chin, and undefined jawline. I really don't know what I will look like in the end.
That is so true. I always thought i would look the same, just smaller, not so. I lost 115 pounds once and my best friend hadnt seen me for a few years, i ran into her while she was in town. I went up to her all excited to see her, hugging her, she pulled back, and she didnt have a clue who i was. Once she realized it was me, she was thrilled but SHOCKED. She said, i looked totally different, still like me, but different. It was weird. To me, i just looked smaller, i guess having seen the changes every day, but to someone who hadnt seen me, i wasnt even recognizable.

I took a picture of my and my daughter (olivia) when i was slim and i have it on the fridge to remind myself how much better i look slim. Its just a face shot of me and Olivia. My dad came over a month or so ago. He asked, Who is that with Olivia? Pointint to the pic on the fridge. i said, DUH, me. He squinted and looked close at the pic, then back at me, then back at the pic...oh yeah, i guess it is.

Just freaky.

I can relate to what your saying, i want so badly to get my jawline back and a single chin would be nice, losing all the fullness in my cheeks. I just look healthier when i am thin, i notice in the pic on the fridge, my skin almost glows it was SO healthy when i was eating right and exercising and i didnt even have on makeup.
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