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Hi, Elizabeth (and everyone)! I'm somewhat new here and I, like pretty much everyone else, used to be small (120 lbs - I have tiny bones) and gained a lot of weight. I also, unfortunately, adore wine and love to cook. My main problem, though, was getting motivated. For the life of me I could not get motivated! Finally I saw or read something that suggested that step one is to exercise - don't try to make such huge changes all at once, if you're having trouble with motivation. So that's what I did. I started lifting weights, which isn't so burdensome to me. After a month or so I added some light aerobics. I got on the treadmill and was shocked that just trying to jog for ONE MINUTE nearly killed me! So I worked on that. This was only last month - then I got onto the coolrunning website and also fitday and started tracking what I was eating. I can run 2 miles, am lifting heavier weights than I ever have and am sticking with a food plan. The funny thing is - once I got started, the rest was comparably easy! Sticking with the food plan is surprisingly easy. I've only lost 10 lbs, but at least it's in the right direction. So this is a loooong winded way of saying that I agree with Diane that thinking in terms of baby steps might be helpful. I know it's really tough when your knees ache from walking -but just do a little bit each day and soon you'll be doing more.

P.S. - the second hardest thing was cutting back on the wine. I try to limit it to the weekends...not always successfully

(Update: just got on the scale and finally broke my 10 lb plateau - so now I'm down 11 1/2! )

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