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Ok, that was disturbing.
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Question As the body changes...

I am still kind of new here so I hope it is okay that I am posting a new thread. Since I started the South Beach diet my body has been changing so much. Since we lose weight from the top down, it started at my cheeks. Then my neck/clavicle area. Slowly I began to fit into my bras better. Then my back fat started to melt away (thank the goddess! I hated that problem.) Slowly, sssslllooowwwlllyyy, I am seeing changes in my stomach. It's like it is collapsing in on itself. The skin is still there, but there is nothing under it to keep it where it was. It is just weird and I am learning to be comfortable with it. I keep wondering what it will look like in a few months and if it is possible that I could loose all my weight and somehow mantain my breast size. After all, if I was a size 10/12 in my waist and butt but still wore a 36 DD bra, I would put the 1950's "sweater girls" to shame.
What have other people wanted for their final body shapes?
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