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Another thing I was made aware of that really opened my eyes was the use of a very svelte, fit woman who is planning to have a baby and use the before the pregnancy picture as the "after" picture. After she gains weight throughout the pregnancy and delivers the baby, they hurry up and take the "before" picture.

Anyone who has kids knows the kind of havoc it creates on even the fittest body. They could have used my before kids picture (when I was 20) at about 115 lbs and used my week after delivery at 135 lbs pic, reversed them and showed "amazing results"! What "6 week results" they could have if they cut and pasted my current head onto my young body and used my current body (at 35 yrs and 150 lbs) as the "before"! You get the picture.

Look at the older women in the ads. Their faces look 40-ish but their bodies look 20-ish. We all know your skin changes. I don't know any fit 40-year- olds who have the body of a 20-year-old....they have the body of a fit 40-year-old!

Confession: I was once taken in by Hydroxycut (due to the marketing photos). It didn't work.....AND I experienced withdrawal symptoms when I ceased use!
Don't want to look like the Michelin Man in a Bikini this year! (re-re-re-start date: Jan 3rd, 2010)

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