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Same problem here at the campus restaurant.

Alas, I haven't found any valuable solution yet, save from gathering all my willpower at the precise moment of picking my meal. I try to think of all I've accomplished during the week in terms of weight loss, to motivate me, and then I also convince myself that I CAN have cake, but it has to be a damn good one, not cafeteria, pre-packaged food (if I'm to eat junk food, might as well be the best of the best among the junk, hehe). In my case, once it's on my tray and I walk away, the cravings for cake etc. usually stop, so if I can go through that moment, I'm allright. I'm not sure of what else there is to do, given that we have no control on what unhealthy foods are on display nor where...

(I admit I also have a little tool for control. For every day I haven't gone overboard, I put 1 in a pot; this way, later on, I can buy myself something nice once I reach a goal/mini-goal. So I tell myself, "If you eat that cake, no euro for you today!" Being a materialist girl helps sometimes. )
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