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Default How much time do you exer ea. day...

Hi! I was just reading an article on cnn health, I think, or it was msnbc but anyways it said for people who lost the most weight and kept it off they worked out about 75 mins everyday! That seems like a lot to me, I guess if you do 30-45 mins of cardio and then some ST or pilates or something it wouldn't be too hard to get 75 mins. But geesh! I am going to start using my treadmill again, (I've been off the boat for the last several months) and start watching what I eat, but I was wondering how much people workout who are successfully losing weight. So many people on here have lost alot of weight, please let me know what your doing and how much!

I know that everyday might be different but just on average or on your regular workout days about how many mins? Thanks everyone!
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