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I totally understand the depressed, fat and overdrinking thing as I sit here at the computer with a glass of wine! LOL I think I used to blame the antidepressants for the weight gain as well as the depression. Well, I was depressed before when I weighed 118lbs too. So, the only thing that has made me feel better at all is a bit of exercise. Yeah, I do know how difficult it is to get motivated. I joined a gym 1 year ago with a friend. She lost 25lbs and I have gained 10lbs. I would wake up late and not answer the telephone when she would call to "motivate" me to work out. When I did go I would only burn 100-200 calories in an hour doing cardio. Then I'd eat 1000
cals after midnight in addition to my daily calorie intake. (I am a restaurant manager that works at night). Well, 4 weeks ago I decided I needed to do something or end it all. Since then I joined 3FC and have loved the support. I have also been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and burning 700-800 calories a day doing cardio. My friend and I are going to start yoga next week. I feel so much better. Don't know if I have lost a pound since I haven't weighed myself in 10 years but did today for the first time. Aagghh! 20lbs more than I thought. Don't look in mirrors much either!! Well, anyway, I think the only success I have achieved thus far is the exercise high. It's a start and am looking forward to weight loss success with the help of all my 3FC buddies. Hope you can get to a point where you can enjoy that high too. It can happen as I have experienced. I also can't say that a bit of wine once in a while is a tragedy. Be kind to yourself. Cheers!
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