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Eating 1200 calories a day should provide you with a weightLOSS. Are you tracking your calories?- carefully. Those pesky little calories really have a way of sneaking up on us. Maybe you want to try tracking them really, really closely for a few days and see what numbers you come up with. After you do that you will know where you can make adjustments.

IMO, it not only matters the amount of calories, but also the quality of calories. In other words I lose more steadily if I eat low fat proteins and veggies and high fiber instead of 1200 calories of high carbs and the such.

You also mentioned you haven't been walking as much due to allergies. Why not consider some indoor exercise?

Trial and error is the only way to bust a plateau. So try some different things. Be patient and hang in there. You'll figure it out. This weightloss process is sometimes very tedious and frustrating - but so very worth it. Good luck.
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