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Default Where the heck have I been?

Some of you are wondering where I have been. Well my family has been going through a hard financial situation and have not been able to keep the phone lines on for the internet. Well, really we have lost everything except for electricity and water. As for my diet it has totally gone downhill since I have not been able to share my victories and downfalls with you guys. You all are the ones that helped me stay on my diet and now that my internet is gone it has been difficult dieting and staying inspired. Before the holidays of 2006 I was 309 now I am 321. After eating whatever on the holiday I kept eating whatever everyday.

I do have good news though. Yesterday I decided to diet again and take control. I am currently detoxing by drinking only water. This may sound a little strange but over night I lost 4 pounds. LOL. I guess because of water.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you all an update on what's going on. I should be back here in a few weeks and I will give you another update.

I wish I could come here to get inspiration but I guess i'm on my own with this one. I can do it though. I'm a woman and women are built with strength!

50 pounds gone forever!

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