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Unhappy 44 and fat and depressed and stressed and overeating and overdrinking and and and

I am 44 almost 45, I went from 125lbs to 214 in 2 years. It is even more depressing because I lost 70lbs to get to the 125lbs. I was fine eating the way I was, it was a lifestyle to me, but people started telling me that I was getting too thin. Then I went through a couple of depressed episodes and then I just gave up I guess and I started gaining weight, I started drinking too, making my weight gain even worse! I am struggling now to stop that as well as the OVEReating. I used to look like my avatar and I want to look like that again! I am hoping that telling on myself to others will help. I used to do tae bo which I LOVED and it helped me to lose weight. I haven't done it in 2 years, now I am so fat that even when I start to walk on my treadmill my knee starts hurting. Being a student all day makes matters worse, because I am either sitting at school or sitting at my coffee table studying. I only really take the time to make a family meal or change over the laundry. I know this needs to change... I just can't seem to get motivated............................. H E L P
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