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Hi all,
I am finally starting to get back on track. I have been eating healthier, making better choices and drinking my water. Tomorrow I will start back to Curves again. I have not been there for about a month, with going to Illinois and Michigan I just got out of the routine I had talked about earlier. So I just love being back in control again. I hate the feeling I always have when I am not doing things like I did before when I was right on my program. I just am feeling so much better.

Lisa-Your Pilate's class sounds great. I know Pilate's tends to scare some people. Thinking that it is all difficult, but it sounds like your instructor is great and let's you do what is right for your situation. I guess you will be able to tell eventually what is too strenuous for you by how you feel. Right now it is natural to feel somewhat stiff if you are not used to the Pilate's. That is great that you have been exercising privately for a while and it has paid off with what you are able to do and tolerate. Good going. Pretty soon you will be a pro and building up your resistance and you will surprise yourself with how good you will do. Keep up the good work!

Jen-Gosh, Wright Pat AFB, that is where my daughter and her husband have been trying to get to. Right now Scott AFB is 4 hrs away, but if they were at Wright Pat they would only be 2 hours away. Tracy's husband, Brett's parents live in Springfield, Ohio, which is pretty close. They have it all planned out and even plan to live in Beaver Creek, Ohio, which is near I guess. It sounds like a neat place to live, just by the cute name. So what do you do in the Air Force? Or where do you work rather? I am interested in all the different occupations they have. Like my daughter is in the office taking care of leaves, sick pay and vacation's for the recuiters and my son in law works at the Comand Post. How wonderful that you almost have you PHD, I am sure you are very proud of yourself for all you have accomplished. Don't worry that is fine whatever you want to tell me about youself is great. I love getting to know you more and I am sure I speak for the rest of The Wannabee's too. You sound like a Super Mom too, with all you do for your kids and I am very happy that Jacob will have a wonderful life too. Isn't that great what they can do to help with his skills. I am so glad that you are working things out with your husband, Best of luck to you both!

Well better get going now, will talk at you later. Sassy Sharon
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