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Originally Posted by JerseyGyrl View Post
I just celebrated 3 years on Atkins. My carbs per day are between 25-30. Mainly vegetables & salad.
Oh my gosh, I know I could never eat that little of carbs, LOL. I'd go bananas.

Originally Posted by Lovemylife View Post
By the way, your weight loss is impressive. I don't know how you have been eating, but most of the major holidays are gone that sell candy and junk for them, so this time of year is easier as we can always take a salad to a BBQ and ask that they not marinade or put sauce on any of our meat.
I've never really counted carbs. Your body NEEDS a certain amount and I think Atkins induction is way too low. However, I sometimes think I eat a little too many of them.

But everyone is different, whatever works for them!

Thanks for the compliment
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