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If she brings it up again, I'd just nod and sympathize, but don't offer anymore advice. Its clear that she's not ready to take the steps she KNOWS she needs to take, is looking for someone to tell her its not her fault when it is, and wants a magic cure that takes no effort. She knows you can't give that, but hope springs eternal. But everytime you try to give her advice, she's just thinking you're throwing up weight loss in her face. She can't see that SHE'S the one bringing it up and that you're only trying to help. So just listen, but don't try to help anymore. Sympathize without really saying anything for or against weight loss. Just an "I understand" and let it go.

As for pregnancy, I just had my son at age 40. I was extremely worried when I found out I was pregnant, but as my doc said..."Don't worry. Lots of women are having babies between 40 and 45."

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