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Hi 505: It does sound like you might want to try something other than SB for a bit, see if it's something you can stick to. From what you've told us it sounds like you're having trouble making your healthy eating changes sustainable, which is the key to any new healthy living arrangement. Sounds like SB isn't sustainable for you... So in order to quit flip-flopping, you're going to have to find something that is! You can find out lots about these different programs on the forums here, there are individual sections for almost all of those programs. Plus, there's a section called "Featherweights," they might have some good advice for you too -- that's a forum specifically for people with just a little left to use. You all have your own challenges that those of us who still have a lot to go can't grasp as readily. (Not to say you shouldn't keep posting here! We'd love to have you around!)

worktodo: Funny thing about roommates, huh? I lost 20 lbs once because of the people I lived with..... They were great women who ate sensibly just out of nature, not diet.... None of them were stick thin but they were all happy with their bodies... It was a great influence. Now that I'm on my own I'm having trouble with accountability and find myself bringing bad stuff into the house all the time. If you feel like you're missing something without that ice cream... would an actual serving size of ice cream make you binge or feel icky? Try having 1/2 cup... You still get to be a part of whatever event you're celebrating and chances are you can make room once in a while in your diet for that. The key is not feeling like you're missing out on anything... The things you remove from your diet you have to be able to live without for a long time! Telling yourself you can never have a cookie ever ever, when peanut butter cookies used to be your favorite treat or something, is just setting yourself up to fail. Gotta find that happy medium
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