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My sister has seen me go up and down and it wasn't until recently that I have come out and told her I have had eating disorders for years - or disordered eating of some sort. Most recently I gained about 15 pounds by binge eating while still maintaining regular exercise. I think she knew that I had problems but she didnt realize that it was basically an addiction.

I agree that you are right about how to lose weight, but I wanted to add this perspective because there was nothing she could do about my weight gain/loss. All she could do was support me and be my sister. I love her to death and she has always been a support. She mainly just listens to me and talks things through but she didnt pressure me to lose weight even at my heaviest. Even if she told me how to lose the weight, it really wasn't a lack of knowledge or will power that was the problem. It was a deep rooted emotional problem that I continue to work through. Maybe its not that easy for your sister otherwise she might have done it by now. You said her husband works nights, maybe she is binge eating, it's tough to say but for me, working through my emotions and my head basically was the only way to make any changes in my eating.

It sounds like you are a very supportive sister and she is lucky to have someone like you in her life. I'm not saying that i think she has a disorder, just saying it is possible that it isn't all about calories in and calories out for her as it was for me. I couldnt change until I acknowledged what the true issues were and what I was really gaining by over eating.
Thank you WW!!!

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