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Good afternoon ladies! I did go and work out this morning - yea! I got in 45 minutes worth. Now, I just have to keep the food portioned in the right amount. I am encouraged and ready for the battle (even though my scales were on the + side this morning).
Biking Dallas - You are an inspiration! I go to the church gym and ride a stationary bike when the rel thing is right outside my back door. Your riding has me ready to go at it again, but, ouch, I do dread that little hard seat too. My neighborhood is flat and that is a Good thing. Now Dallas, you have to many people pulling for you, for you to be irritable and tired! I am excited for you that you got out and rode the bike. Just think, one day our "seats" might just fit "that" hard, little seat! Ha,ha!
Jen - I can hardly wait to hear of yor progress. I bet you will be single minded and totally focused and will have those extra inches off/gone in no time!
CJ - Wow - 2 greats! That's neat and exciting! The 150 miles, is that for walking or maybe the total of all the machine work you do at the gym? Keep up the good work and be sure to let us celebrate with you when you reach the wall - fame! Hey, and remember, you knew us back when...!!!!
Everybody, have a great and successful day in every way!
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