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Thanks everyone for the comments on the picture! I think the difference is about 40 pounds from the previous avatar pic.

Annie – It sounds like you have a nice relaxing day planned. Hopefully it will stop being chilly where you are soon.

Emily – Happy Birthday to your youngest! Birthdays are so exciting at that age. What season of Dr. Who is on there? We have gotten the first two seasons and I have no idea when the next one is coming.

Ammi – I am so sorry to hear how insensitive the caravan site was. It is so great though that you were able to find a compromise on the foods you wanted. I know that feeling all too well of just wanting to shut the whole world and all the pain out by indulging in great tasting foods. It would make a lot of sense once in awhile if the after affects weren’t so bad.

Sharon – I definitely don’t think eating the pizza had anything to do with stupidity, but it is truly amazing the false logic our brains can use to get us to do things that the other parts of our rational mind have decided against.

Catherine – It sounds like you have come up with a good compromise on the bicycle issue. I would love to be able to ride a bike again too, but it will probably be awhile. I love the description of the manuscript you are editing – it is too funny. As a sci/fi fantasy reader one of the biggest things that annoys me is not being true to the world you create, and if it is set in the real world yet ignoring history, that is a big negative. It is another thing to create an alternate reality where Martin Luther arrived earlier and how that might have effected the balances of power in Europe, but I am guessing that is not the story he is writing.

Kayley – It is so great to see you again! I have often wondered about you and where you had gotten to. The ring sounds lovely, but you might not want to hard wire it to a weight loss goal. I have found those things can often be more frustrating than motivating because they start tying up your feelings about where your relationship is with how you are progressing in your weight loss.

Lesley – It must be a stressful weekend with a job interview on the other side. I hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy it.

Lisa – I had been wondering about where you were! I am so sorry to hear about your ankle and needing to come off the plan while it heals. That is really rough. However, maybe this little “maintenance break” will help with your long term goals of keeping it off forever.

Valerie – That is so great that you rode Gabirel! I hope trying the liquid thing for awhile will help kick start things for you.

Michelle – That is such good news that the cats are ok. You must be so relieved. Letting yourself have a relaxing day reading is a much better way of dealing with the stress than eating – way to go!

Brenda – That tooth abscess sounds horrible! :hugs: Congratulations on losing another 2.5 pounds! That is fantastic especially in light of the tooth pain.

33tek – It sounds like you made good choices on vacation. That can be so hard, since for so many people (fat and thin alike) vacation can be a time to let loose and eat things we don’t normally do.

Melissa – Congratulations on being back on track! Sometimes the calorie counting gets to me as well, and I stop for few days, but I know that it is what really works for me. I’m sorry to hear you hurt your toe. Hopefully it will be healed soon and you can start walking again.

Well – I didn’t get as far as I had hoped with personals, but I have to go. I have a massage scheduled for 2:00 and then we are going to the park to hang out, maybe take a walk, etc. as it is a gorgeous day!

86 pounds down, now for the next bit - fourth short term goal (back to 100 down):
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