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Kayley: Congrats to you and Andrew's engagement!

Melissa: Good for you getting back on track. I know you can do it. You were doing soooo well before when you were here a lot. I know it is in you to exercise again like that once you toe heals. So sorry about the toe by the way. Hope it gets better soon.

Nancy: Yowza. You are a doll! Those new glasses really let us see your beautiful face. You look like you have lost soooo much weight. Beautiful lady!

Brenda: Congrats on another -2.5 pounds. So very sorry about your tooth. I hope you get it taken care of very soon. Hugs.

mechelle: So glad that your kitties are well. I tell you all this pet food drama is enough to make me feel like I have children. lol. We used to give our dogs canned food every morning with their breakfast. Now, we are fixing them other things at home to eat with their dry dog food. My male is so picky he won't eat his food unless it has a splash of something on it. lol. Crazy guy. My DH opened a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and gave him just a tablespoon mixed with his food. You'd swear he was eating filet minon.

Val: I am sooo pulling for you and rooting for you that the liquid diet you are doing will work for you. I am also soooooooooo very happy that you were able to get on Gabe and enjoy what God has put in your heart! The love of animals, horses in particular. Please have someone take a photo so we can all see that beaming smile! Hugs sweetie.

Lisa: OH, so sorry about your foot. Yikes it sounds so painful. Try not to worry too much about going off the liquid for a couple of months. You certainly want those bones to heal properly hon. Just follow what they give you to do and you should be fine. Hugs to you. So sorry you are alone too. I wish we lived closer. I could help you out a bit at least. I am with Catherine. I was on cruches for knee surgery (broken bone in a weird place) for 5 months when I was 16. Those dandies start to hurt your arm pits and hands after a while. Take care to add padding! Hugs.

Lesley: Good luck on the job interview! I'll be praying for you.

Catherine: What a great idea, bring the hammer with me and show it to the scale. lol. I'll have to look for one before Monday morning. Hugs to you.

Sharon: Sweet heart it is never too late to start again. You will do fine. Just remember to drink your shakes and tons of water right. Exercise too is what I"m told. You are doing sooooo well. I can see you getting to goal soon. Hugs.

Ammi: Huge hugs to you. I wish I was there to help you through this. I remember after my mom passed away I was getting all of these letters from the hospital to her asking her how she enjoyed her stay in there hospital. How would she rate their survice etc. It was awful. It just devasted me. I don't think people know how insensitive they can be. Huge hugs and a great big cheer for not taking out your saddness and sorrow in food.

Well ladies, I am off for the day or at least until later. I am really chilly today. I think I will go snuggle up in bed and read the Bible for a bit before I officially start my day. I have already had my first shake of the day but heck, It's not like if I fall asleep it will be on a full stomach or anything. lol. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend being the wonderful op ladies I know you are.

Blessings to you all,
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