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Lisa, you poor thing!! I was going to pm or email you today as I was worried about you! Wish you lived closer you could have stayed here & been waited on, after all one more to run around after wouldn't make much difference! I'm glad you're not using it as an excuse to overeat, though I probably would, WTG on getting advice about staying on a healthy diet, big HUGS & get well, or mobile soonXXXXXXX
Valerie, ooh I'm sitting here GREEN WITH ENVY!!lol Though I'm also grinning for you, boy I hope the wait was worth it. I bet by Summer you'll be GALLOPING together!!! Great to see you posting again & sounding so happy, oh BTW these liquid diets are FAB, as long as you don't EAT!!! lol!xxxxx
Kayley, I thought you were married!!! I was sure I saw some reference to 'huby' on your MSN message/avatar thingy! Great on waiting for your ruby, thought you might have gone for a black diamond or dark sapphire. I loved SB but got bored too, as long as it's healthy changing diets often keeps our resolve & momentum up.xxxxx
Nancy, you BABE!!! I love your specs, you have such a cute elfin chin, wish I HAD a visible chin, lol! Good luck with flat hunting, I bet you're seeing them in your sleep!!!xxxxxxx
Xena, are you ok? Let us know, whether you're good, bad, happy or sad!xxxxxx
Annie, pleased you are doing ok on Optifast, at least the FAST weigh-loss ballances out the hunger & feelings of DESPERATION for food!!!lol I'm sure you'l see GREAT losses, I told Ammi about a woman I talk to online, she went on the diet I'm on BEFORE having lap-band surgery, in the end she didn't bother with it as she lost the weight anyway!! Whether it works for you or not, I'm thinking of you & if you feel fed up email me, I know how hard it is.xxxxx
Well I ate half a small cheese pizza last night, Aiden had the other half, Steve was in bed (night shifts) & Gareth hads fish, I couldn't bear to throw it away, HOW STUPID AM I?????? Or just MAKING EXCUSES???? Oh well, today is ANOTHER fresh start.

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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