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Hurray, it's the weekend! Wow, this week has gone by so fast, I can't believe I haven't visited this thread since Monday!

Nothing real exciting going on here, just been a busy week. I've been OP all week and feeling good. And I have another job interview coming up on Monday - fingers are crossed!

Annie, so glad to see you back! I'm glad your WL appointment went well, and it sounds like you got a lot of good info. I wonder what a fat analysis would say about me. Gosh, maybe if you lose the 100 pounds, you'll be on such a roll you won't even need the surgery. I'm proud of you taking those steps and not letting that fat defeat you. I agree with you on hating the fat, although I admit there have been times when I didn't think too highly of myself, either. But now, I see it as like a foreign substance that has infiltrated my body, and now I just need to work to get it out and see the true me.

Jenn, how rude of those guys to yell at you. I had something similar happen to me a couple weeks ago. Who raised these people?! I'm glad to hear you didn't let it get to you and in fact just had a positive effect.

DJCJ, like someone else said, I'm in awe of all you talented seamstresses! I haven't sewn anything besides a loose button since my junior high Home Ec classes. This is something you can remind your daughter of when she's acting out as a teenager someday, haha.

Sandy, surgery is a scary thought but it sounds as though it's a better outcome than what could have been so that's something. So enjoy that anniversary night since you'll be out of commission for the few weeks afterward! Glad to hear your SD's test results were negative - are things any better with her?

Nancy, love the new avatar photo!

Ammi, congrats on the 3lb loss! Gosh, I'm so impressed by you and the other ladies here with kids who have temptation foods in the house and manage to control yourselves. There's a lot of things I just can't keep in the house at least for now because my self-control goes out the window. But I don't have any kiddies who need their sweet/salty tooth satisfied!

Michelle, that is so wonderful about your hubby's biopsy! What a relief, I'm sure.

Donna, congrats on the NSV and the 4lb loss! Just makes you want to keep going, doesn't it?

Kazz, you've had some awesome results!

Metachick, for meeting your mini-goal!

LAnne, you're doing so great! I bet having some 'real' food tasted amazing.

Dyan, wow, you are one busy lady! Where do you get the energy?

Catherine, you make me laugh with your scale intimidation stories. Your gown sounds absolutely lovely - please be sure to post pictures when it comes time.

, how did your WW meeting go?

Kim, do you like baby carrots? Those would be good to munch on. Plus some cut up celery, apple slices, granola bar (a healthy kind), or some popcorn.

Luan, wow, I'm totally impressed with your fitness level. Rock climbing, even! I love camping, too.

Kayley, welcome back! I remember your face from seeing your pics in the photo thread, and how you looked so happy, especially with your sweetie. Glad to hear you're still in love.

, gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope the pain isn't too bad and that you're able to work out a temporary plan with the dietitian.

Ugh, I know I missed people and a lot of stuff, but my eyes are drooping closed. I'll plan to get back here on the weekend so I don't get totally behind again. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
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