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I should study psychology more and get to the bottom of why women do this to each other.
Don't have to study psychology. Trust me, it's well-documented. Give me a day to do some hunting at the university library, and I can give you a list of sources to start from. The basic idea is, particularly in Western society, women are schooled to be competitive of each other. Further, it seems to be human nature that when we form group, everyone settles into an assigned "role" - like "fat chick". And when someone determines to change the defining trait that gave them their role (ie, someone decides to change roles), it upsets the whole balance, which shoves people out of their comfortable complacency and frightens them. The reaction instinctively is to try to re-assert the roles as they have always been, which is when the sabotage starts - you became the "fat chick" of the group because you were overweight. When you start losing weight, your role starts to change, because you are no longer capable of being the "fat chick". In order to re-assert everyone's roles, you need to stay (or re-become) the "fat chick", and to encourage that, people who consider themselves your friends start to sabotage you in the (probably subconscious) hopes that you'll get back to being the "fat chick", and thus stop threatening their hierarchy. The competitiveness women have been socialized into compounds it and that's when it gets really vicious.

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