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I know what you mean about feeling like you have to explain yourself. I've even had the unfortunate experience of people using that as a segway to "school" me on how to diet and/or eat. It's more trouble than it's worth - I agree with a couple of the gals here. I would either tell the person that I appreciate the thought but that I just don't want it, or maybe "white lie" and say that I had a food allergy or intolerance.

I've had many friends over the years sabotage my diet efforts. I can remember years ago there was a group of us girls that would meet for coffee and share a desert. I remember arguing with one of my friends when she started making fun of me because I wouldn't just have "one bite" like "it won't hurt" and really getting defensive. It goes without saying that we're no longer friends. She was one of those who had asserted herself as the "thin" one in the group and I don't think she wanted any competition. I'm older and wiser now and don't give in to people like I used to. But, I have to say it's alot harder when it's your family. My husband sabotages me regularly, but I don't know if he even realizes he's doing it. I think somewhere in the back of his mind, even though he voices that he would like to see me thinner, he is worried if I actually achieve thinness again. I know he loves me and most of the time is very supportive, but again, I think it's just insecurity on his part. It helps me to understand his feelings and reassert that I'm his forever fat or thin.

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