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Hey everyone-

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the well wishers out there for DH. His biopsy came back fine and they got all of the abnormal cells out. So I was really thankful for that! We have many more on him that need to be biopsied but at least we got the really bothersome one out of the way. I am counting down the days till next Wed. I really need my thyroid medicine! I am really feeling the side effects. But the good news is I have been getting in a good bit of exercise! I am really happy about that. And I still have cut out soda and junk so I do feel not so dragged down. I haven't weighed in almost two months. I am not sure when I will WI again maybe in a couple of weeks but I just wanted to take a break from weighing. Just wanted to focus on making better choices and moving more.

Sorry no time for personals. This thread moves so fast! I just wanted to say congrats to all of the losers!

And welcome to all of the new people!
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