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Eating for two!
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Wow, great to see so many new faces!

Amanda, there are quite a few of us here around your age. I'm actually also 24 and started at 310.5 (at least, that was the highest I ever knew about). I hear ya on the energy thing, though. I get home from work in the afternoon and just want to NAP. I don't usually, but then I do typically fall asleep on the couch very shortly after eating dinner. I've found, though, that changes in my diet have helped a LOT. I cut out most junk food, and now when I eat a lot of sugar, I feel really disconnected, like it's difficult to concentrate on things or focus on anything for more than about 30 seconds at a time. I have to wonder if I'd pretty much ALWAYS felt that way and it was just normal to me before I changed my eating habits, ya know? Same with greasy foods (fast food was/is a major issue for me)--I used to eat 2 McD's meals and feel fine (or at least what was "fine" for me at the time), but now, not only do they make me sick to my stomach, but I feel soo sluggish and lethargic afterward, like I just don't want to DO anything. Changing my food has definitely helped. I've personally never felt the increased energy from exercising, but others have

Ammi--I am SOOO with you...sweating is the #1 reason I HATE exercising! It makes me take longer (because I then have to shower and change clothes and blah blah blah), and it just plain feels stinky and icky. Some people get used to it, I guess, but for me, even after MONTHS of exercising nearly every day, I still HATE it (not right now, of course--I haven't exercised regularly in about 2months ).

Welcome back, E!

MamaB--good for you on knowing you can do this without the meetings! I know it's not quite the same, but I hope you know we are ALWAYS here

Glad to hear you had a great vacation, Torister! I believe I'm long overdue

My weekend was okay, overall. I did pretty well with food--although today is Jeff's birthday, and his favorite is ice cream cake, so I may pick up one of the tiny Carvel ones from the grocery store to have tonight.
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