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Originally Posted by kamby View Post
Thanks, I will eat some apples in between... or some sunflowers or something. However I was told the weight gain may be caused by muscle increase during workouts because muscle weighs 3x fat
Yes, muscle weighs more than fat (well, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but if you have a chunk of muscle and a chunk of fat the same size, the muscle will weigh more). But, unless you're taking steroids or working out with weight incredibly intensely and for long amounts of time, women's bodies are NOT built to increase muscle very quickly. I read one study that researched this a bit and found that a woman (well, they had more than 1 woman in the study, obviously, but I say "a woman" as a generalization) who works out properly with weights (alternating muscle groups on alternating days, doing enough reps and sets, doing the exercises properly, and increasing the weight appropriately as time goes on and fitness level increases--most women who work out do NOT do ALL of these things correctly so would get even lower results), would only gain about 5 pounds of muscle in a YEAR.
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