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Default Low Calorie Diet?

ok so in the past ive tried the southbeach diet (which does cause you to lose weight its just a very hard diet for me to stick to)

So that didnt go well.

Now Im trying to do a Low Calorie diet
im age 22 weight 207 height 5'0"

Low calorie seems easy maybe too easy or maybe im not doing it right, Ive been counting my calories with a calorie tracker for the last few days but im only avg. about 1200 calories a day when I heard Im supposed to have more than that.

Ive been taking a diet pill (Green Tea Fat Burner) im also taking a Womens One a Day vitaman (weightsmart) which really helps curve my appitiete so I dont snack on anything between meals

I try to eat a big breakfast, a small lunch, and a big dinner
I tend to stay away from sweets now (however occasionaly will have one)
I also try to get some good exercize in, I will try to do some walking on my work breaks and everynight I try to walk the dog (if its not raining) around my block which is nearly a mile, then sometimes I use my workout bike for about 20 minutes

Ive lost about 5 lbs in a month, am I on the right track? Or could you give me some tips plz.
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