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To me, though, it also is a process, not just a complete and total, instant switchover in state of mind. Last night, i slashed my finger open and had to spend 3 hours getting stitched up in the ER. On the way home, at 2am, I fully admit to using food solely for comfort value, which I haven't done in a long time. It was a temporary slipup that does not determine my overall success. I was in pain, i was exhausted, and I was actually hungry, but I made a bad choice for comfort reasons, which i have not done in a long time.

You will also find, if you are anything like me, that the foods you use to comfort yourself will change, both in quantity and quality. At 2am, I went to a fast food drive through, solely to comfort myself, and it was not a good choice. But I got a small french fry. So its something I am still working on that still pops up sometimes, even this close to goal...but my old order would have been a complete biggie-sized meal that I had "earned" because I was in pain. The new me said "you are comforting yourself with food, so order as little as you possibly can to still acheive that goal". Not perfectly healthy mindset wise, no, but a change nonetheless.
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