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Let me tell you, this has been the HARDEST thing I have had to do... I have found more times that I subconsciously was steering myself to food... when I am happy, sad, excited, want to congratulate myself or stressed... I am very "indulgent" in personality.. I like to eat too much, drink too much.. spend to much money.. etc..

The VERY first thing I did was put something in my face very often, to keep my focus.. it was a few words, actually these are the exact words:
KEEP HER FULLFILLED WITH LOVE, NOT FOOD" I put it on my mirror in my bathroom, it flashes up every day on my OutLook calendar, I have it in my mind all the time now...

I felt inside like I neglected taking care of myself emotionally... I started thinking of things (this came slowly) that I really loved.. like long baths, and going to a tanning booth (I use very high sunscreen on my face and chest) and do the lowest wattage.. It is like 20 min of therapy.. and I do home facials about once a week.. a whole series of masks and stuff.. I paint my toenails, I look at glossy, gossipy magazines, music, I love to read... what do you love besides food?

You will find things that help... sometimes I have been know to scream... (if I am at home.. or in the car), it's an instant mental shift for me..

it's a learning experience.. like an onion.. discover your layers!
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